Advanced Windows and Doors supply a complete range of bi folding doors and door accessories
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We are very proud to announce our purpose built Composite Door Showroom is now open at our new Doncaster branch.
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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Within these terms and conditions Advanced Windows and Doors will be referred to as the company. The name on the order confirmation will be referred to as the customer.
  2. All orders placed online are a binding contract between the customer and the company.
  3. As we are supplying bespoke, made to measure products cancellations or changes to the  order will only be accepted up to 24 hours after the order has been placed. After this time no refund will be given.
  4. The company does not offer a return policy.
  5. The company is not responsible for any errors due to misinterpretation of the web site or incorrect product or category choice.
  6. Delivery times are Monday to Friday 7.00 am to 5 pm, unless agreed otherwise. You must have adequate manpower to assist with the unloading of the vehicle.
  7. Delivery is deemed to be the front of the delivery address on the order confirmation.
  8. If there is no one at the delivery address the delivery will be re scheduled at the convenience of the company and the customer will be subject to a £90.00 charge.
  9. All health and safety precautions are the customers responsibility.
  10. At no time will the company be liable for loss or injury of any kind.
  11. All goods when received will be deemed delivered in good order unless stated at the time of delivery.
  12. No claims will be entertained after the day of delivery for damage or missing articles.
  13. The company is not responsible for any delay to the delivery or installation and any relating financial or consequential loss.
  14. The company is not responsible for the installation or instruction of how to install the products supplied. All Bi Fold Doors are guaranteed as follows:
    1. White PVCu framework- 10 years
    2. Coloured PVCu Framework- 5 years.
    3. All Hardware- 5 years
    4. Sealed units- 5 years.
    5. Where installed by the company a 1 year labour warranty is applied. An independant ten year insurance backed guarantee is offered by QANW at an extra cost, this guarantee will only come in to force should the company cease trading.
  15. PVCu folding doors are designed to be minimum maintenance, not maintenance free. This may include, cleaning of frames and tracks, adjustments to the hanging of doors, including toe and heeling, as industry wide on all PVCu products.
    1. Due to every day wear and tear adjustment and maintenance may be needed. The company offer a maintenance service as and when required charged at £100.00 per door per visit. This is designed for peace of mind if your doors are installed by yourselves or a third party, or if your fully installed labour warranty has come to an end. The contract utilizes our highly skilled and experienced engineers to carry out any minor adjustments. Work is carried out on an appointment basis only, within a two-three week time scale of your initial request for an engineer. It is not designed as an emergency service . If you are experiencing problems with a door you have fitted yourself or by a third party you can also book a servicet, where we will carry out an inspection of any third party problems. If it is possible to put right these issues without the need for replacement parts, re- installation and no more than three hours labour, this will be carried out as part of your service. However if any work is beyond a service then the company will quote for any remedial work and parts that may be required. .
  16. All doors have a standard weather rating and this should be considered if doors are to be fitted in exposed or adjacent coastal areas.
  17. Where goods are supplied only all guarantees are for parts only no labour. The cost of any carriage for a replacement part will be borne by the customer. The company may request the faulty part to be returned at the cost of the customer.
  18. The warranty will be invalidated if the track is not kept free of debris not installed in line with the instructions supplied and if doors are not maintained in general.
  19. All drawings are viewed from the outside.
  20. No liability will be accepted for misinterpretation of drawings.
  21. Unless otherwise stated by the customer open in doors will be supplied with Frame extensions to the top, left and right of the frame. Open Out doors do not include extensions.
  22. Before ordering a door with an installation please just book a survey at £100.00 this will then be deducted when you order your door.
  23. The company does not install where no lintel is fitted. Please note if the customer advises a lintel is fitted and on survey this is shown not to be the case, the customer will be required to have a lintel installed by another contractor or the customer may cancel the order. The survey fee is not refundable.
  24. Any structural calculations are the responsibility of the customer.
  25. The customer is responsible for conforming to all current planning and building regulations of the relevant local authority.
  26. Any defects in relation to sealed units the company and the customer will be bound by the guidelines laid out by the Glass and Glazing Federation.
  27. All toughened low emissivity coated glass units are subject to colour variations and variation in pattern. This may appear sometimes as a misting effect. This is natural and not deemed a fault.
  28. When a door is installed by the company any relating claim on the labour warranty will be dealt within a 3 week period of the claim.
  29. At no time do the company offer an emergency service and are not responsible for any financial loss incurred due to the unavailability of a company service engineer.
  30. Low Threshold doors have a lower weather rating and should not be fitted in coastal or exposed areas.
  31. Handle colours may vary in colour and chrome/sliver handles will always be a mix of silver and chrome lever or flat options. The company does not accept claims for variation in colour of handles supplied on any order.


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